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Gold Flower Crush | Indian Favor Bag

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Go ethnic in style with our favourite Gold Flower Crush Potli

Potlis or Favor Bags are aptly suited for Indian weddings. In fact, potlis are one of the most convenient way you can carry your small belongings when you travel. The biggest plus point of carrying these around is that being lightweight, our potlis can be easily wrapped around the wrist using their drawstrings. Trust us, when we say that our Gold Flower Crush Potli is going to be the perfect accessory to have at any one of your events!

Our stunning Potlis are made from High Quality Silk with embellishments that will add the desired sparkle and shine to your outfits. Using Embroidery, Sequin, Beads and Pearls etc., our potlis come with two stunning tassels made out of high quality pearls & beads and are affixed on golden drawstrings.

Size: ~ Small: 7 inch x 10.5 inches

Care: Store in a muslin cloth.