Marigolds In Indian Weddings | What Do Wedding Flowers Symbolize?

Marigold Flower decorations for Indian weddings are nowhere near unheard of. Incorporating the quintessential marigold flowers in traditional Indian weddings gives couples the opportunity to use their wedding flowers as a symbolic tradition during marital ceremonies. Not only do the marigold floral displays brighten up wedding decorations, bringing vibrancy and energy to any festivity, especially to a wedding but they also symbolise divine blessings having taken on a crucial religious and devotional significance over the centuries.

This flower was brought to Indian shores by the Portuguese in the 16th Century. Marigolds were native to the then new world and were a sacred flower of the Aztecs. As marigolds are said to have magical and medicinal properties, it’s no surprise that they are an absolute favourite of Indian couples for their wedding.

Marigold decorations

Since these flower types are used to worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, they represent divine blessing to the newlywed couple to have a happy and prosperous married life. These flowers give a traditional touch to weddings in this modern era. Marigolds are also known as the "herbs of the Sun" and thus symbolize creativity, passion, brightness, positivity and happiness bestowed on the newlywed. These flowers play an imperative role in Hindu weddings and are therefore used in a variety of decorations in a marriage setting.

A few examples of marigold flowers being used at a wedding can be that of swings decorated with garlands of marigold and becoming the centre of attraction in the entire setting. Marigold Pomander Balls which are known for spreading love can be hung to add creativity and brightness in the setting. Marigold Streamers are another way of using these beautiful flowers creatively. Another example of these orange blooms being used in a wedding can be seen from those Marigold wind chimes which let the sweet sound of your love echo.

If the wedding involves an open area with trees around, a barren tree can be made feel special too with the help of outdoor hangings and twirled marigold decor. The greatest beauty of these flowers can be seen especially when the couple so deeply in love gets married in a Mandap decked with these orange and yellow marigolds. The guests can be mesmerised and given a sense of charm even before they enter with the passageway marigold flower decorations. The love for chandeliers can be taken to a whole new level with ceiling decor of marigold chandeliers. Lastly, these flowers can be used to enhance the beauty of the diva on her big day by helping her make a striking entrance with a Marigold or Genda Phool Chadar.

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