Make your day glow (literally) with the most romantic lighting - Lotus Flower Tealight

Did you know that the Lotus Flower is thought of as a symbol of human consciousness on the path to spiritual enlightenment? The Lotus flower is one of the most revered spiritual symbols in the world, that is held sacred by many cultures and people throughout the world.

The Lotus flower connected with spiritual awakening and purity serves as an accurate symbol for human development. Just as the lotus flower rises from the muddy waters and blooms, the human spirit endures difficult lessons before reaching a higher state of consciousness. 

If you’ve ever wanted to use candles as part of your wedding centerpiece design, around your space as decor, to line a walkway, or you’re wondering what kind of candles to use, you’ll find that our beautiful Lotus Flower Tea Light will be the perfect accents for your special day.

Tealight candles are great because they are economical, they have a long burn time, and they look beautiful as accents placed in and around your centerpiece design. Our beautiful Lotus Flower tea light comes fully assembled and is ready to display. But what makes the candle holder so special is that when you put tealights inside it, they look like wedding luminaires, adding a touch of elegance. See the pictures below to see how SAWC Brides in the past have incorporated our Lotus tealight. To shop our Lotus Tea Light, click here.

Lotus Flower Tealight