Enhancing the Essence with Diwali Diyas

Diyas or earthen lamps are one of the significant parts of Hinduism. In Indian culture, almost every home follows a custom of lighting a Diya in the morning as well as in the evening. In Hinduism, diyas signify purity, positivity, good luck and power. Every ceremony - be it a wedding, an auspicious function, a religious occasion or beginning of any new venture, lighting a Diya is considered a good fortune. 


Diwali and Diyas 

Diwali is the festival of lights. During this festival, people adorn every corner of the house with diyas to add enthusiasm to the spirit of this auspicious festival. Diwali is celebrated on the new moon day which is believed to be reigned by supreme darkness all around. Hence, people light up thousands of diyas to fight back and alleviate the evil spirits and negative forces that heighten their power in darkness.


More in-depth Insight into the Significance of Diyas

But that is not the only significance of lighting diyas on Diwali! There is a more profound significance of diyas. The oil used to lit diyas symbolizes the greediness, jealousy, hatred, lust, and all other negativity of the human mind. The cotton in the diya symbolizes the Atma or the soul and the diya represents the light. Therefore, the lighting of diyas signifies the elimination of selfishness and materialistic beliefs. And ultimately it helps in freeing people from all kinds of negative energies by offering a guiding path towards enlightenment and a connection with the Almighty!


Moreover, diyas also signify knowledge. During pujas, bridal entrances as well in décor people lighten diyas to welcome wealth, happiness and prosperity. In a nutshell, diyas guide people in choosing the right path in life that is devoid of evil spirits such as jealousy, hatred, lust, greed, and more. This helps them in attaining peacefulness of mind and soul. 

Alternatives of Traditional Diyas

Nowadays, you can find a broad range of diyas. Traditionally, the diyas were made using terracotta or river soil, but today, several innovative alternatives can be found in the market. One of these creative diya alternatives are the tealights. Tealights are metal cases that carry wax candles where the wick continues burning in the melted wax up to 4 – 5 hours. Such long duration of burning is perfect for keeping the tea warm and hence the name tealight is obtained! However, these small and colourful tealights are exceptional décor items. These can be used in several ways to enhance the décor of your home during the festivities or other auspicious occasions. 


However, the charm of traditional diyas cannot be replaced! The diyas create a mesmerizing ambience!


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