Decorating Home in Festive Season – A Few Ideas!

The festive season is on! Festive seasons bring lot of happiness and brightness along with it. And to welcome the happiness wholeheartedly people decorate their homes with beautiful and vibrant attractive items such as decorative strings, fabrics, flowers, candles and more. So are you also looking for ideas to decorate your home this Diwali and infuse happiness to it? Then check out the post below where you can find several ideas on how to decorate your home on festive seasons. 

Artificial Marigold Flower

  • Infuse Brightness

Bright colors bring out the best out of your home’s hidden beauty. You can use artificial marigold strings that are available in different vibrant colors and you can also use home linen with rich fabrics like silk or heavy brocade work. You can also add colorful motifs, light strings, carnation strings and more. Accessorizing you home with such vibrant stuff can beautify your home instantly making it festival ready!

  • Idols

Copper and brass idols are great for religious as well as décor purposes and in festivals like Diwali bringing home Ganesh and Laxmi idols is considered auspicious. You can put a Ganesh idol made of brass at the entrance which is a lovely décor. And when it comes to gifting, Ganesh idols are just perfect! You can even use Ganesh strings to decorate your home and get blessings from the lord.

  • Flowers

Flowers play a vital role in Indian festivities. Generally, marigolds and jasmine are ideal for festive season decorations. Decorating home with marigold strings is a traditional way to welcome happiness. However, nowadays you can also find artificial marigold strings in different colors that create a colorful ambiance. 

  • Decorative Mirrors

Decorative art and mirrors are an amazing way to decorate the walls and accessorize corner tables. Metal wall hangings add a contemporary look and a glamour quotient to your home décor. 

  • Impressive Table Setting

Decorating the center table with decorative items add charm to your home’s look. You can use brass vases with fragrant flower arrangement, glass crockery and cutlery and striking table mats. 

Decorative strings

  • Classy Antiques 

Antiques add a rustic sense to the home which enhances the classiness of your home a notch higher. Impressive antiques of different sizes, colors and shapes are the best bet when it comes to festival decorations. 


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