Artificial Jaimala

Artificial Jaimala

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Jaimala is a wedding ritual in which, the bride and groom put fresh flower garlands into each other’s necks, followed by exchange of gifts.  The ceremony is not just the meeting of two souls, but is a union of two families, a merge of traditions, values and customs that make the entire wedding complete. The jaimala or also known as ‘varmala’ is an ancient tradition which has been practiced and followed ever since Indian weddings originated.

A jaimala, or in other words the wedding garland comes in various styles, designs and with a vast variety of flowers as well. The market is flooded with all kinds of jaimalas to suit any and everyone’s personal requirements

A typical jaimala is made up of jasmine flowers along with roses or marigolds. Vibrant colors like red, orange, pink, yellow and white are usually used along with certain embellishments such as pearls, stones, gold threads and strings that tie the flowers together. These days one can also go in for artificial or synthetic flowers that are made using fine fabrics such as crepe, silk or net. They look extremely authentic and are easier to maintain. The artificially made jaimalas are also useful for those who might be allergic to pollen present in real flowers. With that being said, Bling and Bells sells these exquisite Artificial Flower Jaimalas for weddings. 

W= 24 in, H= 21.8 in